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Solomon House -

A Miracle In Progress

Solomon House is truly a miracle in progress. Its service has evolved from the Brown Bag program into one of Iberia Parish's most valuable resources. Not only for those in need, but for other social service agencies as well.

It is a place where one can find food for the mind, body, soul and spirt.

Our volunteers are dedicated and possess a servant's heart. Without them we could not offer the quality of service that we do.

We come together to serve and empower. It is important that those we serve receive 100% of what we have to offer.

Sustainability is a vital part of the programs and services offered. This not only addresses immediate needs, but has the potential to grow or change with the needs of the community.

Through networking and collaborative efforts, Solomon House is making a positive impact on the community.

In blessing others, Solomon House has shared in the abundance of prosperity through the generosity of this community and those who have partnered with us.

Your prayerful support, gifts, time and talents are greatly appreciated. Be Blessed,

Minister Ellen N. Nora

Executive Director



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